Jumping the broom is Cajun too!

Photo credit: Ibay Photography

Umbrellas and broom by All About Events

Did you know that jumping the broom isn’t only an African wedding tradition? It’s also common in Cajun Weddings!

Researching the tradition doesn’t bring much up on how the Cajun’s ended up adding it to their wedding repertories. An interesting article on the subject was written in this 2001 article from Houma Today:

Houma Today article

Do you know the true background of how the Cajuns adopted this African tradition? Please share in the comment section!

Like this New Orleans Wedding couple chose to do for their wedding, you can contact us to make your matching broom and umbrella set!

Pure Romance at Race & Religious

Stephanie & Scott’s wedding at Race & Religious in New Orleans

Thank you to our amazing vendors who helped make this night so special!

Stephanie and Scott chose our Consultation and Management service to help them bring their wedding vision to life. Stephanie and her mom worked very hard on the details (with help from us when they needed it) and then we made sure all the i’s were dotted and the t’s were crossed, then managed Stephanie and Scott’s rehearsal and wedding day!  Everything came together beautifully!

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Venue – Race and Religious

Rentals – Just Ask

Florist – Poppy and Mint

Brass Band – Kinfolk Brass Band

DJ – DJ Brice Nice

Cake – Pure Cake

Transportation – American Luxury


Totally Dazzled Features New Orleans Wedding Expert, Carolyn Arthurs

Today’s Expert: Carolyn Arthurs from All About Events – New Orleans

January 31 2018

Carolyn Arthurs is All About Events and weddings in New Orleans

Carolyn Arthurs | All About Events

All About Events – New Orleans is owned and run by Carolyn Arthurs, a New Orleans native with over 20 years of event management experience. Their weddings are lively, full of character, and exude fun – perfectly capturing the New Orleans atmosphere.

The company specializes in destination New Orleans weddings and their signature theme is the culture and vibe of the amazing city. Having recently celebrated their 10-year anniversary, planning weddings almost exclusively, Carolyn is proud of the way her business has grown to this point.

“Now weddings are 90% of my business and I focus on Destination New Orleans as a way to give back to the city.”

Although she’s been in the event planning industry for over 20 years, her first wedding was in 2007 after hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. She planned the entire wedding remotely from California and it was a huge success. So much so that the couple still keep in touch with her to this day.

This wedding was a huge success, despite it being her very first wedding. Her business was started with no financial help from outside sources and she lovingly built it from the ground up. Being a female entrepreneur and overcoming the many challenges that any business person faces as well as some that were unique to her business is something that she is incredibly proud of and both the growth and progress of her business and skill-set has reminded Carolyn that she is extremely lucky to be doing what she loves most despite the challenges that have arisen from time to time.

Tiffany + Todd | All About Events New Orleans
Credits: Tiffany + Todd | Twirl Photography – All About Events New Orleans

Carolyn Arthurs Interview Quote

Carolyn Arthurs All About Events Main Collage

Carolyn’s dedication to giving back to the city by way of booking destination weddings in New Orleans was, in part, inspired by Hurricane Katrina and the events that came after for her personally. Carolyn started organizing events when she was 18 for non-profits and organizations. In 2003, she started All About Events as a way to let her personal style and creativity flourish as she felt limited by the options and visions of the people she worked with. She wanted to find a way to expand her own vision. Originally, weddings weren’t part of her plan for her business as she felt they too were limited in creativity and style, and at the time, in the area that she lived in, they were!

“I learned so much, but what I learned that was most important was that weddings don’t have to be cookie-cutter and redundant.”

When Hurrican Katrina hit, Carolyn evacuated to Houston with what she had; 5 days worth of clothing, her All About Events things, her dog, and her fish. She drove to California and found work at a rental company as a supervisor of events setups. It was at this company that she realized weddings don’t have to be cut and dry with a boring singular vision. There are many options and many variations available and as she reflected on the current state of New Orleans, she realized that her business might not have an immediate future in parties or events but there would certainly still be people getting married. That’s when Carolyn decided to focus on creating unique and exciting New Orleans destination weddings.

Carolyn added weddings to her events website and got her first call to plan a Jazz fest weekend wedding in New Orleans. From that moment, it seemed like everything just fell into place and currently, weddings are 90% of the business All About Events receives.

Her background is in show business. Her ideas are larger than life and exciting, however, she can materialize those ideas on a budget, making her weddings unique, practical, and cost-effective. She’s had experience and learned from the best in the business, allowing her to use her skills to create events and weddings that cater to everyone’s tastes. She customizes her events for both locals and out of town guests.

As All About Events has grown over the years, Carolyn has added interesting services to her website. Couples and event hosts can order welcome gifts for their guests and have them delivered to the hotels where they will be staying through a service called HotelWelcomeGifts.com.

They also organize the Second Lines, including the permits, routed, handkerchiefs and brass band…making them a truly well-rounded event organization company for anyone planning on a unique New Orleans experience.

Browsing through their portfolio, I found myself completely drawn to the fun in just about every photograph. The couples not only look absolutely enamored with each other but they’re having a great time celebrating their love. From walking the streets to dancing on the sidewalks, these weddings are full of life and full of character.

Carolyn brings in all of her favorite trends into her weddings, giving her events a distinctive style while still ensuring that each couple’s tastes and personal choices are reflected in their wedding. Her favorite trends at the moment are rich, dark colors. She loves mixing reds and blacks with a touch of mixed metals here and there. Taking a scroll through photos of her previous weddings you can feel the warmth that the combination of dark colors and rich elements gives.



D'Arcy + Kevin | All About Events New Orleans

Credits: D’Arcy + Kevin | Twirl Photography All About Events New Orleans

Kayla + Darius | All About Events New Orleans

Credits: Kayla + Darius | CR Photography – All About Events New Orleans

Rebecca + Sean

Credits: Rebecca + Sean | Photography by Dark Roux – All About Events New Orleans

Main collage credits :  Tiffany + Todd Wedding Twirl Photography, Rebecca and Sean Wedding | Photography by Dark Roux



To get in touch with Carolyn Arthurs, please visit her website’s contact page. Scroll through the portfolio and list of servicesto find more information. You can also follow the company on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest and Google Pluswhere you’ll be immediately inspired by the New Orleans style.

Originally Posted on www.totallydazzled.com’s blog 1/31/2018:   Totallly Dazzled Featured Expert: Carolyn Arthurs

A Beautiful New Orleans Wedding

Jennifer and Jonathan were married in New Orleans on January 13, 2018.  This beautiful video is a product of the artistry of Sam & Katie,  from Windy City Production in Chicago, who just happened to be on vacation and wanted to film a NOLA wedding!  How lucky!

Design and Plan your New Orleans wedding and Second Line with All About Events!

Video: Windy City Productions          Event Design, Decor and Management:  All About Events            Venue: Thomas Bistro

Product Review Story: Vivian Lou Weight Shifting Insoles & Good Feet

Finally a way to make cute shoes comfy!

I’ve been told for most of my life that I have flat feet.  I even went to a podiatrist when I was a kid to have my parents spend hundreds of dollars they didn’t have to get me these horrid, clunky, plaster of Paris molds that I had to wear in my school shoes and a rubber thing they put between my toes to prevent bunions.  Every night I was in pain, wearing that stupid thing between my toes to sleep, only to find it shot across the bedroom in the morning.  And those plaster arches?  They lasted about 6 months before they’d broken down and I would have needed new ones that just were not affordable.  I had a AAA heel and a AA foot in a size 9.5 by 8th grade.  When I was 19 I started ballroom dancing and the constant rolling on the ball of my foot in the Latin dances actually widened my foot enough that I could wear regular width shoes!  I also found that ballroom dance shoes, with their flexible leather insoles and satin fabric, were extremely comfortable to stand and dance 10 hours per day!  Ah but alas, you cannot wear ballroom dance shoes all day every day when you are no longer a ballroom dancer.  When I became a wedding planner, I started advising my brides to get ballroom shoes and break them in as their wedding shoes.  But still most woman, including myself, need a designer shoe or two in their lives and there is not one I’ve found that has a comfortable stitch on its strappy little body.

In my late thirties I finally found out how vague the statement “flat feet” actually is.  I don’t technically have “flat feet”.  I have one fallen arch (there are three!) in the ball of each foot.  Because of that, the weight distributes very unevenly through my whole body and I get, not just foot pain, but shin splints, back pain, arched shoulders and had at one point lost 85% of the curvature of my spine in my neck.  I had no idea you aren’t supposed to be able to see your feet when you walk normally until I came out of a chiropractor after being in traction.  I felt taller but also realized quickly that I had no idea what I might be stepping on!  And it felt amazing!

One Summer I was lucky enough to go on a Celebrity Alaskan Cruise.  (Side note: If you can manage to splurge on a balcony and Aqua Class, its TOTALLY worth it!)  The day excursions and rough terrain were really causing me pain by night-fall with those shin splints screaming at me when I went to bed.  Then one of those cruise ship sales pitches happened to be about Good Feet inserts.  I totally drank the Kool-Aide and bought the “discounted” insoles.  I wore them the next day as we trekked around Skagway and I had to admit I was in foot heaven!  No pain whatsoever and I was able to do this all day without changing to a different shoe! The trick is that these inserts are molded plastic that are made in the shape of what your foot should be, not shaped to your already incorrect foot.  It made total sense to me when I saw the design, with the little bump where the metatarsal arch should be and the uplift in the middle on both sides.  Not only did this shape release the pressure that was on the wrong parts of my foot, it also made my arch lift where it had fallen, so now I can actually wear a size 9 shoe!  Any woman who has tried to find half sizes over 9 will totally understand just how exciting that actually is.

As an event planner, I am on my feet for hours at a time and I would typically change the height of my heel at least three times in any given event day.  But with the Good Feet inserts, I was able to go 4-5 hours with an open-toed 3.5″ heel and even longer with a wedge.  But I still couldn’t do the closed-toe because the weight, even with the insert, still eventually and painfully pushed to my toes.

I decided to try the Vivian Lou Insolia Classic Insoles that I saw advertised on Facebook.  Yes, I drank the Kool-Aide again.  I bought the bundle two-pack.  Today I received them and tried them on in one of my favorite pairs of leopard print, closed-toed stilettos.  Go big or go home!  I didn’t follow the instructions, which very clearly tell you to try both on at the same time.  I wanted to see if I could feel a difference so I put the new insole in my left shoe and none in my right to start.  It took awhile to get the position right, but I realized quickly, walking on the hard wood floors, that my weight in my right foot was definitely more to my toes than on my left.  I could feel an instant difference in the way the shoes fit better, filling the shoe more comfortably instead of leaving spaces around my food, on the left as well.  So far so good, the Vivian Lou insole seemed to be doing the job it claimed to do, shifting my weight more to my heel and evening out the distribution.  But I still had the issue of the fallen metatarsal arch to deal wit and I knew this weight change would not really fix the whole problem.  So I add the Good Feet on top of the Vivian Lou and started to walk around, still with one shoe with no insole and now with the other having two insoles.  This really seems to do the trick!  So I bit the bullet and adhered them “permanently” into my favorite closed-toes and plan to layer the insoles whenever I wear them for real.

One note about the installation of the adhesive insoles from Vivian Lou… The instructions say that you should place the insert 3/8″ away from inside of the heel of the shoe.  Then as you stand on them, if you feel a “bump under your heel”, move it down until you don’t feel it any more.  By the time I didn’t feel it, the insert was over an inch from the heel, but it shifted the weight as expected, so I think its still ok.  Perhaps they’ll read this post and correct me if I’m wrong.  And apparently today they launched a new line called “Couture” insoles that form to the left and right feet, where the ones I bought are interchangeable.

Overall I’d say both of these products work well separately and also together.  If you’re a bride looking for a solution for your Jimmy Choo’s I’d say go with the Vivian Lou first and spend about $30 for what could be just what you need.  You can only use them in one pair of shoes, so you have to buy a set for each pair.  The Good Feet are VERY expensive, but can be moved from shoe to shoe, so you only have to buy one set.  I’d only recommend those if you’re in every-day pain, like I was.  In that case its worth every penny!

Now I just need someplace to go in my comfy leopard heels!…

All About Events and its represenatives were not compensated in any way for this review.

To learn about our wedding planning packages and pricing, visit www.allaboutevents.net/weddings!








Top 10 Things DIY Brides and Grooms Forget

DIY Wedding Couple

We all forget things. Its perfectly understandable that with all that’s going on in your head while you’re packing for your wedding weekend, the DIY wedding couple will forget some things…even some really important things.  Here is a list of what I’ve found to be the most often forgotten items from 10+ years of wedding planning.  And then a little lagniappe list just for giggles…

  1. Marriage license
  2. Passports (for honeymoon travel)
  3. Birth Certificates (to get the marriage license)
  4. Tips (Don’t know who to tip? Check out my To Tip or Not To Tip post!)
  5. Sign in Book (or sign in item) and the pen or markers to go with it (I guess this could be considered two things, but that would make this a list of 11 items and my OCD side won’t allow that!)
  6. Cake knife set
  7. Box or container for cards
  8. Garter
  9. Toss Bouquet
  10. Rings

And a list of not-so-common but real-life moments when items you think you’d never forget were forgotten:

  • Bride or bridesmaid shoes
  • bride’s makeup
  • groom’s pants
  • bridesmaid’s skirt
  • drum sticks (this was the drummer in the band that the bride hired, not the bride, but still…)







Last week’s Second Line Umbrella’s were a hit!

One of the fun and creative things I get to do in my job is make second line umbrellas.  I talk to each couple about their colors, any special symbols or meaningful markings, and what style they feel suits them best.  These two umbrellas are very different, as you can see!  One is for a wedding couple and one is for a corporate event.  The couple used the graphic from a favorite movie as part of their wedding photo.  I was able to take that image and print it on fabric transfers to add it to their umbrella.  The corporate client’s company colors were “blue and white with pops of teal”. I used the ribbon and accoutrements to fit in with their signature colors.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Check out Instagram @allabouteventsnola to see more photos from these events

and let me know if I can create a custom umbrella for you!

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