5 STARS for our Second Line!

We had such a great time planning this lovely couple’s second line!  Looks like they had fun too!

posted 6/6/2017 (updated 6/6/2017)

“All About Events was so pleasant to work with! Carolyn was prompt to contact us and so friendly. Our requests for the second line route and hankie design was completely honored. Carolyn also made us a beautiful umbrella based on our wedding theme. The second line was the most memorable part of our celebration and All About Events made it possible!”

5 Tips for Choosing your Wedding Venue

Your wedding venue choice is a multi-layer decision.  How many people? Indoor or outdoor? Turn-key or DIY?….here’s a handy list of 5 tips to help you narrow down the prospects:

1. How many people are you inviting? Assume 80-85% of those guests will attend (applies to New Orleans weddings).

2. Do you want a chair for everyone? Most people outside of New Orleans have sit-down dinners for all or part of their reception.  Are your guests traveling to the city? Will they be lost without a seat? If so, you can have a chair for everyone but have open seating to keep the mood light.  (the NOLA tradition is to have only 60% seating and high boys for the rest).  Some venues include tables and chairs.

3. Do you want an indoor, outdoor, or combination wedding? In New Orleans you ALWAYS need a rain plain.  There is no safe month from showers.

4. Do you want amplified music? Some venues have limits on how loud and how late your music can be, so get those guidelines in advance, before you fall in love with a space.

5. How much can you afford? To figure that out, take the budget for the wedding (average $150pp in New Orleans, but it can be done for less) and multiply that by 35%.  This is the average portion of a wedding budget that’s spent on the catering and bar.  If your venue is charging a room rental fee on top of food and beverage, or if it allows outside catering and only charges for the room, you need to take the venue rental fee out of your budget and use the remaining as your bottom line. Now that you have your catering and bar number, is it enough to fit with the options your dream venue provides?

 Those are my top 5 tips for choosing your wedding venue. Happy Planning!
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5 Things NOT to do at an Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings can be beautiful, especially in the Fall, but don’t believe everything you see on pinterest!  In the south, there are some things you have to watch out for and eliminate. Here are some lessons learned from a recent outdoor wedding we did at a Lake House in Mississippi:

1. Do NOT forget that it will most likely be daytime when your guests arrive! Have cold water available for guests as they wait for the ceremony to start. In the South, at least, it can still be very hot during the day.  Make sure you keep your guests hydrated with iced water.  If its feasible, provide shaded areas over your ceremony seating and hand fans or parasols if shade is not an option.

2. Do NOT forget to mic your officiant. No matter how loud you think he can project, wind and outdoor noises will drown out his voice…and yours when you’re saying your vows!

3. Do NOT forget to have bug spray available for guests.  You can tuck cans of it in baskets in the restrooms and in spots that photos won’t catch them in the background.

4. Do NOT assume you are immune to wind. Stay away from tall floral centerpieces if its windy outside.  They will fall over. So will pipe and drape.  Instead, if you want a tall element, use sculptures or tall, heavy cylinder glass with low floating candles and flowers.

5. Do NOT place your cake outdoors. This is the one everyone hates to hear, but just don’t do it!  If you need bug spray to keep the mosquitoes off of your guests, the cake needs protection too.  To prove this point, here is a photo, taken about an hour after it got dark at our last outdoor wedding.  Note:  this cake has butter cream icing. The Groom’s cake was fondant and bugs did not stick to it, but it did sweat.  So unless you like your cake with a side of West Nile, keep it indoors.

So gross. How did we handle this???

Most cakes have a pretty thick icing layer.  

When we cut the cake, we took the smooth edge of the knife and 

scraped off the outermost portion of icing, then served the cake bug-free.

We Were the Couple’s Choice for 2016!

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