Wedding Packages & Pricing 2021

Hotel Block Services are now included in every package!

The Full Service Wedding Package

For the ultimate wedding experience, my Full-Service Wedding package is the best value and the most comprehensive. This package brings you from Invitations to Wedding Day in a smooth process that gives you control of the event without feeling overwhelmed. You can have as much or as little to do with each detail as you wish, while we make sure you stay on schedule and on budget.  Ambiance is particularly detailed with venue options, lighting design, and seamless transitions between elements of the wedding day. And of course, in New Orleans, it’s all about the culture of the city. The music and the food are just the beginning of how you can bring in the city’s charm in a comfortably elegant way that fits any wedding style.  This package also comes with second line planning, design services, transportation coordination and hotel room blocks included.  Are you a foodie?  We’ll add a catering adviser to help you navigate the decisions about food and bar at no extra charge!

 See a full list of what is included in the Full Service package HERE!

 Full Service Planning starts at $6000.00

 The Consultation & Management Package

For the bride and groom that have the means and the desire for a “hands-on” experience, guided by a professional planner. It helps you cut back on unnecessary research and helps you avoid hiring the wrong vendors. Tips and tricks of the trade are shared throughout the process. The big difference between this package and full service is that you do the legwork yourself and that there is no design, budgeting or second line planning included in this package.  We will be there to help you make your own vision happen as you plan. On the day of, an event manager will be there to keep the reception going on time with every detail in place that you have planned. Additional charges may be added for additional labor as needed, but this will always be discussed with you before its finalized.

 Consultation & Management Planning is $3500.00 including rehearsal and ceremony.*

The Event Management Package

(aka “day-of” or “month-of)

With this package, your service begins 30 days prior to your wedding day, when your Event Manager will be assigned.  You’ll get to talk to your Event Manager and get to know their personality and style a bit before the wedding day.  Then, two weeks before the event, your EM will collect from you all of the contracts that you have finalized.  We go through them and make sure all of the T’s are crossed and the I’s are dotted.  We look for red flags and missing links and we report back to you if we see any issues that might need attention.  Once we have the contracts in order, we contact all of the vendors and let them know that we will be the contact on the day of the wedding.  We double check that the plans you expect are the plans they are intending and that everyone is on the same page.  In the days leading up to the wedding, we will collect your personal items that you want to include in the wedding and we make sure we know exactly how you want them used with our inventory worksheet.  We make sure that there is a plan for setting up the items as well as for breaking them down and sending them home with you or your assigned friend or family member.  Throughout the process, we create a vendor day-of agenda that, once approved by you, is sent to all vendors and to you the week of the wedding.  This will be the blueprint for vendors and for the timing of your event.  Once on site, we supervise the setup of the event, making sure that all of the plans are laid out as you expect.  As the event moves forward, we coordinate each element, letting you know when its time to do your first dance, cut your cake, etc.  At the end of the evening, we collect your items and gather leftover cake, food, and gifts and gather them together for your family to bring safely back to you.  After the event, we make sure that the venue is broken down and cleaned up to the specifications of your contract.  The wedding ceremony and rehearsal are also part of the Day-of Service, but can be eliminated under certain, approved circumstances.

Day-Of Wedding Management is $2500.00, including rehearsal and ceremony. *